Courtney Lane, PhD to Manage FemPulse Pivotal Clinical Trial

February 1, 2021 09:00 ET | Source: FemPulse 

SAN FRANCISCO, February 1, 2021 — FemPulse Corporation, a private, clinical-stage bioelectronic medicine company, developing a novel wearable bioelectronic device for the personalized treatment of medical conditions in women, today announced that Courtney Lane, PhD, will be managing the Company’s pivotal clinical trial.

Dr. Lane received a PhD in Health Science and Technology from MIT before working as a research scientist developing clinical strategy using computational neuronal models and then as Director, Clinical Science and Strategy at Boston Scientific.  As VP, Clinical Affairs for Axonics (Nasdaq: AXNX), she oversaw the initial clinical trials for this leader in implanted sacral neuromodulation for overactive bladder (OAB).  

“I am excited that Courtney Lane has chosen to manage FemPulse’s pivotal clinical trial, because of her deep experience in neuromodulation generally and in the first application of the FemPulse bioelectronic device to OAB,” said Dr. Alexandra Haessler, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of FemPulse.  “Pivotal study confirmation of the encouraging results from our existing two studies would be a major step towards our goal of offering the one in six women worldwide a convenient and affordable treatment for their OAB, and then to use our FemPulse device to collect data and provide therapy for other medical conditions as well.”

“What attracted me to FemPulse were both the people and the technology,” said Dr. Lane.  “Dr. Haessler is so passionate about bringing the proven benefits of bioelectronic medicine to all patients for indications such as OAB where medications have limited efficacy and potential side-effects.  I share Ali’s fervent wish to serve large OAB patient population that will never receive an expensive surgical procedure.  I have deep respect for medtech innovators like Ben Pless, leading urologists like Dr. Roger Dmochowski and Dr. Suzette Sutherland, and neuromodulation pioneers like Dr. Elliot Krames, all of whom have been so supportive of FemPulse’s innovative approach.”

“FemPulse’s vision is of a bioelectronic female health platform working seamlessly with patient smartdevices and physician digital health.  Courtney Lane clearly understands not only the first ‘killer app’ of OAB, but also the unique data sensing and therapy role for our patented device in connected female healthcare“, added Peter Fredericks, FemPulse Chairman.

About FemPulse Corporation

FemPulse Corporation is a privately held clinical-stage bioelectronic medicine company developing a novel wearable bioelectronic platform for the personalized treatment of medical conditions in women. FemPulse’s vaginally-inserted, wearable neuromodulation device is intended to provide mild electrical nerve stimulation as a first-line alternative to pharmaceutical medications.  The device is designed to sense and collect data, as well as to communicate with a patient’s smartphone and with physicians.  The initial application is to treat the one in six women worldwide suffering from overactive bladder (OAB). For more information, visit

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Peter Fredericks, Chairman
FemPulse Corporation

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