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About FemPulse

FemPulse is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women, by providing novel wearable bioelectronic medicine as an alternative to medications. The Company is developing a small vaginally-inserted device that uses controlled electric pulses to regulate the dysfunctional nerves responsible for numerous medical conditions, while sensing medical data from inside the body. FemPulse’s unique wearable vaginal ring has been granted patents around the world, including in the US, Europe, and China.

The first application of the FemPulse technology platform is to treat Overactive Bladder (OAB), the bothersome sensation of urgently needing to urinate, often resulting in increased frequency of urination and urinary incontinence. Women must currently choose between medications, which are often ineffective and with side-effects, or invasive procedures, such as surgery to implant an effective bioelectronic device. FemPulse’s goal is to move neuromodulation from an expensive, invasive third-line alternative to an affordable, accessible, and self-administered first choice of women and women’s health care providers.

You are not alone!

17% of women worldwide – that’s about 1 in 6 women – live with overactive bladder
20 million women in the U.S. alone

OAB is a highly prevalent and disruptive condition worldwide

OAB represents a large, unmet medical need involving the sudden, urgent need to urinate with or without incontinence. OAB impacts a person’s freedom, work, relationships, and quality of life. Unfortunately, over 75% of patients with OAB go untreated. Initial treatment is generally with medications that can have limited efficacy, as well as potentially intolerable side-effects. More than 9 million prescriptions are written for OAB medications each year in the U.S. alone, yet up to 80% of them are discontinued within the first year. Female OAB in the U.S. costs the healthcare system a staggering $44.6 billion annually, 77% of which is comprised of direct medical costs.

The FemPulse™ Technology

A unique non-invasive approach to bioelectronic neuromodulation therapy (for women suffering with OAB)

State-of-the-Art Technology

FemPulse’s technology provides personalized, discreet, and affordable bioelectronic therapy for women via a vaginally inserted ring controllable by an easy-to-use mobile-device app. The first application of the self-administered vaginal ring is intended to help regulate the nerves affecting bladder function and relieve the symptoms of OAB.

Elegant and Discreet Design

The goal of the FemPulse technology is to provide women with the benefits of “set it and forget it” continuous and individualized bioelectronic treatment, altogether avoiding medications or surgical implants. The therapy is prescribed by a woman’s doctor and placed by the patient herself in the convenience of her own home, much like other vaginal devices. It features a familiar, patient-focused design with a patented technology developed by a practicing urogynecologist.

Doctor in Lab Coat Holding the FemPulse Device

✔ Accessible
✔ Affordable
✔ Discreet
✔ Easy to Use

How it Works

FemPulse’s solution is designed to regulate the nerves passing between the nervous system and the bladder

OAB is a neurosensory condition in which sufferers experience an extreme sensation to urinate urgently, based on abnormal nerve signaling that is normally quiescent as the bladder fills at low volumes. When this neural pathway malfunctions, there is a false sense of fullness, resulting in a sudden and strong urge to urinate. FemPulse’s bioelectronic therapy is intended to target aberrant neural signals by sending mild electrical pulses to restore normal function, preventing urgency and its results. Women will be able to use an app on their phone with the FemPulse device, and to have data automatically uploaded to their physician.

Drawing of the FemPulse Device Inside a Woman
Dr. Alexandra Haessler, MD

Created by a woman, for women

Alexandra Haessler, MD, a board-certified urogynecologic surgeon was as frustrated as her patients when it came to available treatment options for OAB. Standard of care treatment, such as behavioral modification and pelvic floor physical therapy, often left patients unsatisfied with unalleviated symptoms. Second-line medications were often ineffective or produced intolerable side-effects, leading up to 80% of patients to abandon their first medication within a year. Third-line therapies were more invasive, expensive, and difficult to access, requiring a specialist. While implanted neuromodulation surgery worked well, the invasiveness and high cost of a surgical procedure made it a viable option for only a few in the US and even fewer abroad. Dr. Haessler kept waiting for advances in technology to provide women with a vaginal insertable device, rather than surgically-implanted neuromodulation. When a wearable bioelectronic device never arrived, she took it upon herself to develop this novel and patient-friendly treatment. Her deep knowledge of the science combined with her understanding of women's treatment goals enabled her to develop this convenient approach to treating the source of the issue. Dr. Haessler patented the design and started FemPulse to develop and clinically demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the device.

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